Demolition is a visual topography map viewer. It is specifically designed to work with the GTOPO30 30 Arc Second Resolution global data set produced by the EROS department of the United States Geological Survey.

Although somewhat outdated by modern satellite data which offers higher resolution, the GTOPO30 data set is still fascinating to explore. Demolition offers the ability to click on any part of the globe, and pull up the complete DEM data set for that quadrant. You can define your own elevation coloring scheme to draw out fine details in the terrain, zoom in for a closer look, and export any view to a bmp.

Cartographer 2.0
UV Texture Projection Tool offering Shrink Mapping, Tile Mapping, and “Swizzle” Mapping (3D Gradient Noise Field).

Simple Symmetry 3.0.2
Extremely simple, yet powerful mesh mirroring tool. Mirrors a polyhedral object by reflecting the geometry upon itself, then combines a copy of the original with the mirror half to produce a perfectly symmetrical result.

Cool Viewer 3.3
Allows you to playback rendered video within the trueSpace environment to aid in animation keyframing and other synchronization tasks.

tSX Builder 4.0b
Developer package that allows anyone to create trueSpace plugins using Borland Delphi 4 / 5. Fully integrated into the Delphi IDE, and has easy to use wizards to guide you through the process. There is also a sample Shader Plugin project (with Source Code).